New Characters, Downtimes & Revitalise

Good Morning One and All,

The ST Team and I hope that this finds you all well and not succumbing to the inevitable aches and pains of winter – or should that be we hope Papa Nurgle hasn’t put his festive hat on and come visiting you all, as he seems to have visited most of us recently!
We have a couple of Season 1 announcements for you.
Firstly, continuing from our previous XP boost to new characters we are increasing this yet again and increasing the amount of starting ‘equipment’ along side this. We feel that with the end of the Season fast approaching the gap between brand new characters and those who are more longstanding can be redressed slightly more, so that our last few Season 1 games can be even more inclusive and involved for everyone, without taking away from those who have survived this long.
To that end:
  • All new characters start with a minimum of 30 XP, and any characters currently with less than 30 XP increase themselves to 30 XP
  • Any players who were at ‘Humans Are Such Easy Prey’ will still gain the 6 XP from that game, so should be on an effective minimum of 36 XP

All new characters brought into play at or since ‘Humans Are Such Easy Prey’ have the option for additional CP at character generation as follows:

  • You have 600 CP with no restrictions (as normal)
  • You have 1200 CP but cannot spend any of that CP on Ships, Ship Components, or anything to do with Ships
  •  Players can purchase ‘non-starting items’ (i.e. those in italics on the equipment list) with CP in either case, but in all cases please run your CP spends past the ST team first so we can sense check these.
Secondly, the post-HASEP Downtime cycle dates. We’re looking at taking advantage of the gap between games this time in trying out a slightly longer DT cycle so the dates will be as follows:
  • DT Cycle opens 21st November 2016
  • DT Cycle closes 13th January 2017
  • DT Responses will be out around the End of March
  • This gives us a window to respond to queries about responses and engage in a dialogue with any of you that need it in the month or so before the first event of 2017
Please be aware that this cycle is extended to take into account the festivities over the Yule and New Year period, and please don’t expect responses to any queries between the 23rd of December and the 4th of January, because despite the name of our game, we’re not quite ‘that’ wicked.
Thirdly, we are putting a minor change into how the call REVITALISE works.
The current wording of the call is as follows:
  • Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also heals X body hits (restoring them to a maximum of zero) and stops any bleeding.
We are changing it to the following:
  • Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also restores them to zero body and stops any bleeding.
We realise it’s near the end of the season but considering the minor nature of the change we’re happy that this shouldn’t have too much of an impact, as the couple of consumables that use this call come with drawbacks, and there are only a few talents that make use of this.
We hope any of you that are going enjoy the upcoming player social event ‘Gilded with Gold’ on the 20th of November hosted and organised by Hazel King and Fraser Ramsey.
As ever drop us an email if you have any questions.

Outstanding Mailbox Queries

Evening One and All,

Rob and I have had a solid whack at clearing the unanswered queries in the inbox and we think we’ve got them all. Therefore if you have any queries that have not been answered please send them back to us as the mailbox has probably eaten them.



No Rest for the Wicked Season 2 & Inquisition Chronicles

Greetings One and All,

As the adventures of No Rest for the Wicked: The Search for Hera, advance to their conclusion, we are proud to present information on the future stories run by Conflict Resolution.

The next expansion to our flagship game will be No Rest for the Wicked: The Chain of Angels.

The players will portray the ruling elite of a decommissioned Ramilies class star fortress – named Arkangel – on the edge of the Astronomicon. This Council of Angels, and their crews, have set themselves the task of exploiting an unknown and dangerous sector of space, the Sahel Abyss. Arkangel is a hive of scum and villainy where xenos and mutants openly walk the corridors and Pirates rub shoulders with Rogue Traders and Explorators at the high tables.

Whilst intrigues and rivalries between these disparate dynasties are rife the need to sustain the soon to be legendary Chain of Angels, and the basic needs of survival far from anyone’s home space, lead to a complex system of honour and status that binds these explorers into an alliance.

The game will focus on the exploration and exploitation of an unknown sector, as you exterminate the multitude of threats arrayed against you to carve out and expand your own private demesne. It will be based in an new unexplored sector of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe, focussing on the actions of a number of ship crews adventurous and radical enough to step far beyond the bounds of their own societies. This is a game where Mechanicus, Xenos, Rogue Traders and Pirates work together for survival & profit and compete for status & dominion.

This game will be more radical and will be strongly PvE orientated with the PvP elements focused on competitive status and ritualised duelling. It will be built around entirely new mechanics to our previous games, that focus on epic swashbuckling Uptime action and adventure, with a supporting Downtime system designed to simply allow groups to shape their dynasties character.

Two test games for this that will incorporate elements from our existing Season will be run in 2018, with the full game starting in 2019.

Moving far across the galaxy to the old, glorious and rotting heart of Imperial space. We are also proud to present the first season of our newest game, Inquisition Chronicles: The House that Jack Built.

Two centuries ago, the Inquisition of the Tungusk Sector ceased to file reports with the Master of the Inquisition, this anomaly was reported and agents were dispatched to investigate, but such blackouts in communication are hardly unknown.

Approximately a century ago, Administratum agents across the Tungusk Sector began to report decreased tithes, increased heretical activity and other anomalies. Unfortunately, these reports became lost in the dying heart of the Imperial bureaucracy.

Now word has reached Holy Terra that the entire ruling elite of the Tungusk Sector, the proud and noble Ivanova family, have been slaughtered to the last heir and servant in an apparent cultist attack. A vital sector at the heart of Segmentum Solar stands on the brink of chaos, anarchy and destruction

Join us and take on the roles of Inquisitors, Interrogators and Throne Agents – all allies of the legendary Lord Inquisitor Wrathchild, Grandmaster of the Conclave Nova Tungusk, who has brought you all together to venture forth from Sol to uncover the lurking threats within the Tungusk sector and to root them out.

But the Inquisition is not made up of firm allies – while the Conclave is bound together by oath and ancient Inquisitorial law, simmering political disagreements, old rivalries and personal goals threaten to damn everything you stand for.

Inquisition Chronicles will be a more Puritan-focused high threat, high power game centering on the actions of the Inquisition as they seek to unravel the conspiracies, cults and covens of a sector that has seen little of the Emperor’s light and to engage in the thankless, unending task of bringing the wicked to righteous justice. Characters must work to determine friend from foe both within the Conclave and without as the game will have strong political and physical PvP elements within the bounds of a game focused on secrets, conspiracies, hidden lodges and information.

At least one game will be run in 2017, with the full game starting in 2018.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Conflict Resolution Team

ST Team Interest

Greetings One and All,


On the back of our clarifying statement and to follow on the general shout out that was made at the beginning and end of ‘The Footsteps of Giants’ I am looking for volunteers to join the No Rest for the Wicked Storytelling team.

If this exciting opportunity to take part in the organisation and management of continuing to tell stories in the grim darkness of the far future, interests you step forward and make yourself known! For No Rest to continue I -Richard – need a team of willing minions, I mean volunteers, to help me manage the workload and responsibilities that come with running a LARP.

To that end for those interested in potentially joining the storytelling team a brief overview of some of the responsibilities are below:

  • Attendance at roughly fortnightly ST Skype meetings
  • Management of ST mailbox queries within an agreed upon timeframe
  • Downtime cycle management
  • Event ref-ing on a rotational basis

If you have any questions or wish to notify us of your interest send us an email with the subject of ‘Storytelling Team Interest’ to



Lead ST – NRftW

Email Responses

Evening One & All,

This is just a quick announcement to say that as I (Richard) am now back in the country (boo), I will be able to start looking at and responding to emails, queries and the like that require my input (yay).
As a quick caveat to that (boo) I must however say that due to work related commitments emails will not be looked at before the end of next week 27th-28th of August, and due to the sheer number it will likely take a bit of time for us to get through them all.

If you’ve not heard anything by the 14th of September – unless further updates occur – do feel free to poke us, as your query may have slipped through the net.


Richard, Rob & Yoda

Downtimes & Spreadsheets

Evening One & All,

Firstly my apologies for the previous announcement not going out on all channels, this one should be doing so and then some in an attempt to make up for it. In addition due to the delay in getting the Downtime Spreadsheet to people for pre-DT-cycle testing I will be extending the Downtime window until the 17th of July. I would ask that people try and submit individual endeavours and total group actions as early as possible before the deadline, the 10th of July is going to act as a soft submissions deadline of sorts and we would really appreciate it if you were to let us know if you have finalised your downtimes by that date so we can start organising responses.

Attached is the new downtime spreadsheet, designed to record individual endeavours and assist with the calculations of each. This spreadsheet does not replace the normal submission system for individual character actions, so do please remember to write up and assign your individual character actions on the website!

As for the endeavours on the website, in fairly short order there should be the option to upload your endeavour’s spreadsheet to the page for each individual endeavour. Unsurprisingly this is where the completed spreadsheet goes.

As for the spreadsheet itself there are certain things that it can do and certain it can’t yet. As yet it can’t factor in Keywords, multiple methods or calculate your target cost from your target difficulty depending on your desired outcome. I’ve included the explanation of how specific outcomes influence costs and difficulties on a separate tab to help with that. However once you’ve worked out your target costs and difficulties the sections on the first tab will allow you to keep track of meeting them.

The second tab is the Cost Calculator which allows you to take your target cost, the resources available to you and your desired priority for spending them to calculate the split of currency you’ll have to spend to reach your target value. There’s additional explanation on the tab to assist as well.

The spreadsheet as a whole should have sections of it protected so there’s no risk of accidentally deleting the formulae that make it work, and you will need to enable macros to get it to work.

If you’ve got any queries or problems please do get in touch, and though it’s intended to be compatible with different excel formats I can contact my datasmith if it starts playing up.

I hope it all makes sense,

Richard, Rob & Yoda

Downtime Spreadsheet Player Copy