New Characters, Downtimes & Revitalise

Good Morning One and All,

The ST Team and I hope that this finds you all well and not succumbing to the inevitable aches and pains of winter – or should that be we hope Papa Nurgle hasn’t put his festive hat on and come visiting you all, as he seems to have visited most of us recently!
We have a couple of Season 1 announcements for you.
Firstly, continuing from our previous XP boost to new characters we are increasing this yet again and increasing the amount of starting ‘equipment’ along side this. We feel that with the end of the Season fast approaching the gap between brand new characters and those who are more longstanding can be redressed slightly more, so that our last few Season 1 games can be even more inclusive and involved for everyone, without taking away from those who have survived this long.
To that end:
  • All new characters start with a minimum of 30 XP, and any characters currently with less than 30 XP increase themselves to 30 XP
  • Any players who were at ‘Humans Are Such Easy Prey’ will still gain the 6 XP from that game, so should be on an effective minimum of 36 XP

All new characters brought into play at or since ‘Humans Are Such Easy Prey’ have the option for additional CP at character generation as follows:

  • You have 600 CP with no restrictions (as normal)
  • You have 1200 CP but cannot spend any of that CP on Ships, Ship Components, or anything to do with Ships
  • ¬†Players can purchase ‘non-starting items’ (i.e. those in italics on the equipment list) with CP in either case, but in all cases please run your CP spends past the ST team first so we can sense check these.
Secondly, the post-HASEP Downtime cycle dates. We’re looking at taking advantage of the gap between games this time in trying out a slightly longer DT cycle so the dates will be as follows:
  • DT Cycle opens 21st November 2016
  • DT Cycle closes 13th January 2017
  • DT Responses will be out around the End of March
  • This gives us a window to respond to queries about responses and engage in a dialogue with any of you that need it in the month or so before the first event of 2017
Please be aware that this cycle is extended to take into account the festivities over the Yule and New Year period, and please don’t expect responses to any queries between the 23rd of December and the 4th of January, because despite the name of our game, we’re not quite ‘that’ wicked.
Thirdly, we are putting a minor change into how the call REVITALISE works.
The current wording of the call is as follows:
  • Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also heals X body hits (restoring them to a maximum of zero) and stops any bleeding.
We are changing it to the following:
  • Revitalize X. This call restores X vitality hits to the target. In addition, when used on a character below zero body hits it also restores them to zero body and stops any bleeding.
We realise it’s near the end of the season but considering the minor nature of the change we’re happy that this shouldn’t have too much of an impact, as the couple of consumables that use this call come with drawbacks, and there are only a few talents that make use of this.
We hope any of you that are going enjoy the upcoming player social event ‘Gilded with Gold’ on the 20th of November hosted and organised by Hazel King and Fraser Ramsey.
As ever drop us an email if you have any questions.

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