Downtimes progress 5 – all done

Continuing the experiment, here’s the current progress of endeavour responses.

Submitted endeavours: 69

Valid endeavours:
68 / 69

Fully checked:
69 / 69

Assigned to writers:
68 / 68

Writing finished:
68 / 68

Copied into downtime system:
68 / 68

Downtimes marked as ready:
51 / 51

Correspondents written:
35 / 35

Downtimes all sent!


Yoda has been involved in LRP since 2004 when he started playing Lorien Trust. He's steadily grown more involved with the behind-the-scenes aspects of the hobby since. In 2008 when he started running his first live action games as part of the Camarilla UK (now Isles of Darkness), and since 2012 he has been running events as part of Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd including the No Rest for the Wicked LRP campaign.

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