Ships, smuggling, and customs inspections

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As you may recall, we have a new trade system in play and that trade system relies on ships being used to sell goods. As such I’m asking anyone with a ship (whether held by a group or an individual) to confirm the existence of their ship, it’s details, and so on so I can be assured that our notes tally with your notes before downtimes end and I sort the numbers. Please do not assume that your group leader will inform us of your ship for you without discussing it with them first.

If I do not have the details of your ship to hand, I will be not allowing trades with that ship this downtime. Only ships with a non-zero cargo hold can be used to transport trade goods. Ships acquired from titles can not be used for trade actions as that is not within the limited scope of those assets.

For those people without ships, we are making NPC Chartist-Captains available to carry your goods for you. This is an experiment, and will almost certainly be less profitable for you than finding a friendly PC to do the same for you. Details below.

Chartist-Captains within the sector run trade routes between all of the Imperial sectors (Schatternberg, Seraph, Valarax, Varyaga, Chelm), and can be hired to transport and sell your cargo in any other Imperial sector within the Ruhrort Sector. They will take a cut of the profits, and can only take a maximum of 50 units of cargo. You can only contract one Chartist-Captain per downtime cycle, which means you can only sell your goods in one sector other than your starting sector. The sale price on these will not be assisted by use of talents or Commercia. The intent on this is to provide a means for characters without ships to sell their goods within the Ruhrort sector. Chartist Captains will take a 5% cut when transferring goods from one Imperial market to another. Some Chartist Captains will make runs to Arkangel or Beyond the Line, but will take a 10% cut from trading that includes either as Starting Point or Destination. Chartist Captains will not carry anything that is illegal at either end of the trip.

To initiate a trade with a Chartist Captain, you must have goods on Imperial territory or Arkangel. Imperial territory includes colony worlds Beyond the Line, but does not include worlds claimed by the Imperium/Rogue Traders without any Imperial presence. You must specify the market you wish to sell the goods in, and which goods you want to sell. Only one destination market can be chosen, and no more than 50 units of cargo can be handled by Chartist Captains in this fashion. Place these details in the Trade section of your downtime. You will receive your cut of the profits in your downtime response.

These numbers are experimental and may be prone to change. Abuse of the system is likely to have IC consequences, and may result in the withdrawal of the system. This system is intended for characters without ships, but characters with ships may use it to their advantage as well. No use of talents or Commercia will affect the profits gained from the Chartist Captains – the Chartist Captains are not negotiating prices on your behalf, do not brook negotiation with themselves, and do not take passengers.

For those of you looking to smuggle goods, you can do a Smuggling endeavour. It’s a 25 cost, 100 difficulty Obtain endeavour that allows you to smuggle 20 units of trade goods past customs. It can be expanded in the same measures to allow greater feats of smuggling or to make it more difficult for the authorities to find your illicit goods. Each Smuggling endeavour applies to one market. These numbers are being tested and may change for later downtime cycles.

Due to recent activities and ongoing problems (some of which you may be able to uncover in public endeavours), the Arbites in the Seraph sub-sector are keeping a higher watch on trade activities, and there is a higher than normal chance of random ship inspections. Smuggling endeavours will need to be higher than normal to evade detection., and anything of a dubious or unlawful nature may be at risk in the sub-sector should they be found during a random inspection.

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