Wanted: Space Pirates

Greetings adventurers and rapscallions alike,

All of our player spaces for Shiver Our Souls are now sold out and we are at our player bunk limit for the site (34). We also already have a waiting list of people wanting spaces should they open up. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we currently only have five crew signed up to the event, and we need fifteen to run the event. While we know that some of you are travelling long distances to attend our events, we do ask that people take turns crewing so that we can continue to run the quality of event we want to run for everyone. If everyone who told me that they’d love to crew for us signed up, we’d never have issues filling the crew hut, but sadly that’s not the case.

The only way we can open more player spaces for the people on the waiting list is if we have more crew sign-ups, and we’re going to need more than fifteen crew before I can consider opening player spaces. Twenty crew (which is more than we have bunks for) will open up another six player spaces (all camping).

Benefits of crewing this event include: 6XP for your character (if you have one), a downtime for your character (if you have one), full catering (£17 a head), early player booking for the next event, getting to play a spaaaaaace pirate, getting to beat me up (because I’m playing this event), and all the fun of the crew hut.

You can sign up to crew at http://billetto.co.uk/shiver-our-souls/




ETA: As mentioned, there’s a waiting list. If player spaces are released, they will be offered to people on the waiting list first on a first-come, first-served basis. This includes people who may have signed up to crew, but we need to maintain a crew/player balance so things may get awkward if we have exact numbers.


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