Downtimes opening soon

Fellows of the Imperium,

It is time for downtimes once more. Downtimes shall open on the 25th of September and remain open until the 16th of October.

Once downtimes close, a new set of trade sheets will be issued.

Volunteer writers for downtime responses would be appreciated as always – please email with an idea of how many you might be able to complete within a week.

Please use the endeavour sheets provided in the system and upload them when submitting your downtimes. Please also try to submit your downtimes well before the deadline to prevent last minute panic over account details and so on.

Remember, if you attended In the Footsteps of Giants (as player or crew) you have a downtime slot available. If you didn’t attend In the Footsteps of Giants, you’ll need to buy a Downtime Ticket at



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