ST Team Interest

Greetings One and All,


On the back of our clarifying statement and to follow on the general shout out that was made at the beginning and end of ‘The Footsteps of Giants’ I am looking for volunteers to join the No Rest for the Wicked Storytelling team.

If this exciting opportunity to take part in the organisation and management of continuing to tell stories in the grim darkness of the far future, interests you step forward and make yourself known! For No Rest to continue I -Richard – need a team of willing minions, I mean volunteers, to help me manage the workload and responsibilities that come with running a LARP.

To that end for those interested in potentially joining the storytelling team a brief overview of some of the responsibilities are below:

  • Attendance at roughly fortnightly ST Skype meetings
  • Management of ST mailbox queries within an agreed upon timeframe
  • Downtime cycle management
  • Event ref-ing on a rotational basis

If you have any questions or wish to notify us of your interest send us an email with the subject of ‘Storytelling Team Interest’ to



Lead ST – NRftW

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