War across the stars…

Our struggle is born of Chaos.

Back and forth we go across the stars, the light of the Imperium of Man pushing back against the hateful darkness that surrounds it, seeking to infect and destroy all that is good and right in the galaxy.

The nature of our foe is eternal and so too must our vigilance be likewise.

Currently we hold the line, the heroes of the Iron Star Consortium and their associates have used their influence and prowess to martial the Imperial forces across the sector. There have been victories and losses, purges and battles both across planets and the stars. Slowly but surely the Imperial war machine is rousing itself as it did decades before, the call for crusade has gone out and slowly it grows louder and louder with each passing day.

It starts with increased anti-piracy patrols seeking out those who seek to take that which is not there. The sector governor himself declares that the scourge of piracy must be brought to an end across the sector and perhaps this has been effective, for now.

Despite their defeat upon Esramir, the forces of the Blood God are reenergised, perhaps they too have heard the call for Crusade and take pleasure in the anticipation of the escalation of conflict across the sector. Under their bloody handed warlord, Drahkr the soldiers of Khorne have sallied forwards, their raids taking skulls to set before the throne of their lord as far afield as Reinhold and Lavix IV. Swift ships bearing the brass mark convey frenzied raiders across the sector, killing and taking as they will before vanishing back into the darkness between the stars.

The forces of the changer of ways, mercurial and mysterious continue to prowl the edges of the sector. They are seeking something, some terrible advantage for the war to come. Scout ships and cultists bearing the mark of the every burning flame and the roaring serpent dog the heels of the Iron Star fleet, seeking to beat them to the next stellar engram.

The plague upon Chelm is stamped out with ruthless efficiency, yet the followers of the pox lord are nowhere to be found. Surely they are not defeated, not this easily. No, more likely it is that they are hiding somewhere. Laying low while they lick their festering wounds and plot their revenge. For the will of Grandfather Nurgle is not easily undone.

The Queen of Ravens is brought to battle across the sector. Her fleet clashes with Iron Star interests and pirates alike. Yet for all of this, it is not for nought that this champion of darkness is named a queen. Her ships step up their raids, switching their focus from military targets to economic ones, burning a trail of smashed anchorages and looted convoys across the face of the sector. Military analysts speak of a worrying pattern, something they know to be behind her actions and yet it is something they cannot quite yet fathom out. Indeed, for all the vaunted anti-piracy work of the Imperial navy it is oft the case that all they find is the latest kill by the ravens.

And of their ships?

Darkness there and nothing more

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