The Imperial Prosperity was a great old beast, they simply didn’t make them like her any more. Sadly that was true, the forge world that held the secret of creation of similar ships was lost under suspicious circumstances. Atomic accident the sector scuttlebutt said, something darker, the drunks in the wine sinks of Arkangel said. Either way, the truth was obscured by things in red robes and gone was gone. A blow to the Imperium to be sure but one that served to further enhance the legend of the Imperial Prosperity.

Pirates called her a gilded pleasure barge, always on some errand transporting some great treasure here or there. Rumour had it that if you could match guns with the Prosperity and come out on top, you could buy yourself a seat upon the Council of Terra itself with no questions asked. Not that any reaving crew had ever gotten aboard to find out. Certainly any crew that had ever come back anyway.

Navy men called her a good omen, when they were out of the hearing of bosuns and discipline masters of course. Superstition was a form of heresy after all, but one that had plagued the seas, when there were still seas upon Terra, long before man had launched himself into the stars. Plus, it was one thing to believe that demons were out to get you, it was quite another to see them gnawing at the Geller field when you translated into the warp from the relative safety of real space.

Those bound to the soil of planets across the sector take note of the arrival of the Imperial Prosperity. To the average man it means nothing, just another pointless news article obscuring the latest stadia scores. To those sat on velvet cushions in trading houses and parlours however it represents an opportunity. Not that anyone is exactly sure what that opportunity is however.

Where the Imperial Prosperity plies the stars, great things are said to happen.

Terrible things perhaps, but great none the less.

The ship it seems, is not named idly…

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