From the endless sea she rises…

Seraph has never been a calm world, it is very much a place of passions where false hearts are worn upon tailored sleeves of silk and velvet, all the better for fighting duels you see. Some say it is this upheaval, this passion for change that makes the world and its moons a centre of innovation for the sector. Certainly the natives would agree with this statement and aim to draw an honour blade on anyone saying otherwise. Outsiders however call the natives flighty and short sighted at best and one step away from full blown secessionism at worst.

No wonder the Inquisition came to Seraph.

That upheaval the natives are so fond of?

Sometimes they are not so fond of it.

Not when it comes in the form of the scions of powerful houses being dragged from their beds in the dead of night to face trial and the burning time at the stake.

For all their crimes, real or imagined, Seraph weeps for those lost sons and daughters.

Perhaps none more so than the Lady Rachel Sanuto, recent survivor of some deadly massacre which claimed a number of her household and their attendants, perpetrated by assailants unknown. A woman of lesser mettle might have been crippled by such a bloody occurrence, but not the Lady Sanuto. Keeping her emotions hidden behind a bronze mask, they are after all in this season, Sanuto has turned her attention to one Alexis Magdalene Alexander, recently planetary governor of Seraph.

Caught amidst a scandal of her own making, Governor Alexander has chosen to recuse herself from political life for the time being, leaving High Adept Sabina of the Adminstratum overseeing her affairs for now. Just as well really, the wanted terrorist known as “Winter” has been sighted across Seraph and there are even rumours that Sanuto herself will soon be posting a bounty, dead or alive, for any willing to attempt to capture that particular thorn in her side.

Not content with attempting to use her influence to pardon her murderous brother, Alexis Alexander is rumoured to have brought the Inquisition down upon her own people and used their holy work as cover for her own purge of rivals and dissenters. Seraph loves a good scandal, especially one concerning their beloved governor and so the salons are awash with talk. Alexis having been seen entertaining a known Inquisitor for afternoon tea in her personal apartments a number of times…

Worse still, the game of houses has reached a fever pitch with various nobles attempting to fill the gaps left by the recent purges. Hungry eyes look up across the table and seek a better place closer to the fire and meet. Rumour has it that Lady Sanuto is even looking to propose to the High Adept in order to further cement her position and make it all the more difficult for Alexis to return to power…

Naturally such games are not above the notice of even the common man, riots and protests have become common across Seraph. Though it has been noted that some of the most open dissenters, rabble rousers seeking to rally the people against Alexis Alexander have simply vanished, only to turn up days later quite dead with not a mark upon them or a shred of evidence as to who the killer might be. Some whisper about the hand of that Inquisitor the former governor is so fond of being at work. Some talk of the game of houses at play and others speak of darker things still.

Just as Lady Rachel Sanuto seeks to rock the boat and capitalise upon the resulting upheaval so too does Morwen Zentil, long time fiend and rumoured lover of Alexis Alexander seeks to stabilise it. Duels are being fought, influence matching against influence, battle lines are being drawn between the houses.

Seraph stands upon a knife edge.

Soon a choice must be made.

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