A thousand shades or more…

Amidst the piracy and slowly gathering war, yet another misery is visited upon the Imperial citizens of the sector. Xenos warriors in dark armour, the stuff of nightmares given form composed of blades and razor edges. Spikes, screams and a vile hunger for suffering and souls. Headed by their terrible Archon, the Dark Eldar strike forth across the sector, making their raids here and there. Some are taken for sport, others for their very souls and some are taken for other far more unwholesome purposes indeed…

There is a small mercy in that none of these raids match the infamy of Krypte but worryingly, the raids seem to be moving to some sort of design. The Archon it seems has not given up on his fascination with those of the Navis Nobilite and so his warriors seek out warp eyes as hungrily as they do the souls of men. As is their way, the dark kin prey upon the weak, striking at far flung colonies and fleeing before they can be brought to anything remotely approaching organised resistance or a fair fight.

Yet all is not lost.

Some of those far flung colonies have strange saviours, wild looking Eldar riding gigantic lizard like creatures. They descend upon their dark kin with savage war cries and when they depart, they leave only the heads of the defeated raiders upon the bounds of the Imperial settlement. Each grisly pile in turn bears a sign, written in neat, if halting, Imperial Gothic.

“To the Ray-nar”

Harlequin troupes have been spotted throughout the sector as well, each moving about their own business. Another step in their eternal dance. Sometimes they visit uninhabited worlds, other times they bring their dances to the worlds of the Imperium of man. Those who watch such things come to note that no planet visited by the troupes is then raided by the Dark Eldar. So pronounced is this that it actually comes to disrupt the pattern of their raiding.

Beyond this, the Tau have reached out further, sending a number of diplomatic missions into Imperial space. The vast majority of these have been rebuffed however, though some remain, being entertained or perhaps even heeded by certain figures. Beyond this, the ships of the Tau expeditionary force have begun to mobilise, drawing together into what appears to be a fleet distribution, their overall intentions remaining a mystery for now.

Across the sector rumours travel of strange creatures coming from the holds of trading ships. Black, purple and grey. They are not given name, but death comes with them for sure. Anchorages, ships and colonies, those outlying the edge of the sector slowly begin to go dark, one by one…

And in the asylums and hospices…

The mad and the dying both come to agree on one thing.

The Pilgrim is coming.

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