New Trade System

Traders of the Imperium, I have news!

To some, this will be exciting, to others boring, but regardless we have a new trade system in place.

First big change: Bargain and Commerce are being removed and replaced with the single skill Commercia. Commercia applies a flat 2%-per-level favourable bonus to buying and selling actions in downtime. Evaluate remains as a skill, purely to be used to determine the uptime value of loot – knowing what’s going to be the most valuable in general terms rather than exact knowledge. People with those skills can re-spend their points appropriately. The related change that goes with this is that the Seneschal skills are now: Commercia, Evaluate, and Politics.

Second big change: all former trade goods are now invalid under the new system. This isn’t just an overhaul, it’s a replacement system. Since some people will undoubtedly have stacks of goods they haven’t sold on yet, there are two options here. The first is to sell them, and the second is to exchange them for goods in the new system. We have an IC reasoning for the mass sale of goods which I will explain below.

Third big change: each sub-sector now has its own trade values based on supply, demand, and illegality of goods within that sector. This means that prices for some goods will just be better in some areas than others. You will only be able to trade goods at one market per ship. If you do not specify a market, you will be assumed to be trading at Arkangel.

Fourth big change: how much cargo your ship can carry now matters. You can only take as much cargo to market as you can fit in the hold of the ship going to that market. You can also only carry as much loot away from an event as your ship can carry. If you do not have a ship, you need to negotiate with someone else to ship and/or sell your goods for you.

So that’s a rough summary of where things are with the trade system. All of the above and more is explained in the handy-dandy trade system guide linked to below. In addition, the public price lists for the new system for the past four events are also available below. If you have a title which gives you a trade sheet for a sub-sector, you can request the sheet of trade factors which will give you insight into the economy of that sub-sector.

ICly, a massive Imperial Chartist vessel will be visiting the Ruhrort sector. The Imperial Prosperity is a massive transport vessel that patrols the entire segmentum buying goods from the outer reaches and shipping them inwards towards the core. Its schedule is known about, and traders across the sector have been stockpiling goods to sell on.

The new trade system is in effect immediately, and all trade goods available at In the Footsteps of Giants are from the new trade system. Any trade goods provided in this downtime cycle’s returns will also be using the new trade system. If people send me their goods lists before the event, I will try my best to respond with either a value in WU or an equivalent list of trade goods under the new system before the event. Equivalency in this case is taking “2 Tech II” and converting that into an equivalent WU value of technological goods under the new system.

If there are any elements that don’t make sense, let us know.

Be seeing you,

No Rest for the Wicked

Rule System Doc:
Trade Goods overview:
Current trade values:
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