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So as some of you have noted, the website is having issues.

Basically, our host decided to upgrade the server and not tell me. This caused issues with the MediaWiki installation which stopped things displaying properly. I was getting ready for Empire, so had no ability or time to fix it.

Having returned, I discovered the issue was that our MediaWiki install was a little older than current and wasn’t compatible with the server upgrade. The solution was simple: upgrade MediaWiki.

While trying to upgrade MediaWiki, our host identified this process as potentially malicious and blocked my IP – stopping the upload, and indeed my ability to access the site. Worse, this also affects anyone else trying to access the wikis. This is a block by IP, so shifting to another IP will remove the block (if you’re on mobile, restart your phone; if you’re on desktop, hope for the best).

If you try to access the forums or the downtime system without accessing the rest of the website, you should be fine unless you have already been blocked. If you’ve been blocked, all I can really say is “sorry”, and if you send me your IP address, I’ll try and get you unblocked.

Our host is not being helpful with this, and I may be migrating the site as a consequence, but bugger knows when I’ll have time.

Do not send me emails saying the website is broken. If you’re reading this message, you already know I know so there’s really no point in sending the message.

I do not have an ETA on this being fixed, and I do not have any solutions at present.


ETA: issues resolved


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