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Evening One & All,

Firstly my apologies for the previous announcement not going out on all channels, this one should be doing so and then some in an attempt to make up for it. In addition due to the delay in getting the Downtime Spreadsheet to people for pre-DT-cycle testing I will be extending the Downtime window until the 17th of July. I would ask that people try and submit individual endeavours and total group actions as early as possible before the deadline, the 10th of July is going to act as a soft submissions deadline of sorts and we would really appreciate it if you were to let us know if you have finalised your downtimes by that date so we can start organising responses.

Attached is the new downtime spreadsheet, designed to record individual endeavours and assist with the calculations of each. This spreadsheet does not replace the normal submission system for individual character actions, so do please remember to write up and assign your individual character actions on the website!

As for the endeavours on the website, in fairly short order there should be the option to upload your endeavour’s spreadsheet to the page for each individual endeavour. Unsurprisingly this is where the completed spreadsheet goes.

As for the spreadsheet itself there are certain things that it can do and certain it can’t yet. As yet it can’t factor in Keywords, multiple methods or calculate your target cost from your target difficulty depending on your desired outcome. I’ve included the explanation of how specific outcomes influence costs and difficulties on a separate tab to help with that. However once you’ve worked out your target costs and difficulties the sections on the first tab will allow you to keep track of meeting them.

The second tab is the Cost Calculator which allows you to take your target cost, the resources available to you and your desired priority for spending them to calculate the split of currency you’ll have to spend to reach your target value. There’s additional explanation on the tab to assist as well.

The spreadsheet as a whole should have sections of it protected so there’s no risk of accidentally deleting the formulae that make it work, and you will need to enable macros to get it to work.

If you’ve got any queries or problems please do get in touch, and though it’s intended to be compatible with different excel formats I can contact my datasmith if it starts playing up.

I hope it all makes sense,

Richard, Rob & Yoda

Downtime Spreadsheet Player Copy

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