Urgent need for crew

Evening folks,
At time of writing, there are four crew signed up for the event. This is nowhere near enough for us to run a game with. If those numbers haven’t picked up by the 17th of July, I will have to cancel the event.
If crew numbers increase to the point that the event can support additional players, I may open up additional player spaces, but I will offer first chance at those spaces to the people who have signed up to crew as a gesture of goodwill. Signing up for crew does not guarantee that player spaces will open up, and it does not guarantee you a player space if they do. Any additional spaces will be offered on a strictly first-come, first-served basis with the earliest crew getting the first offer of swapping to play and spaces being available will require enough crew to balance the numbers.
To be clear, player spaces will only be offered to crew if doing so maintains an appropriate balance between players and crew. I will not open up additional player spaces in a fashion that diminishes crew numbers, and I will not guarantee that any spaces will be made available.
I will also again remind people that crewing (£17 for the weekend) includes food, XP, a downtime, and advance booking on the next event.


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