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Pilgrims of the Emperor and Omnissiah, I bring news!
Firstly, as many of you noted, the general player bookings for The Footsteps of Giants opened last night, and we have sold (at time of writing) 27 out of 34 player spaces. We’re now in that awkward phase of bookings where it becomes very tricky to avoid over-selling tickets. If you are looking to book a hardship ticket, you will have to contact me directly so I can shift numbers around – they’re not actually sold out! Booking is open at
Secondly, in relation to the first, we currently have nowhere near enough crew signed up for the event. Crew get fed by the lovely Hazel, and get first chance to book the event after the event they crew as well as getting a downtime and XP for attendance. Crew catering for the weekend is £17 a head, and booking can be done at If our crew numbers go up, additional player spaces may be opened on a camping-only basis.
Finally, I can confirm the dates for our third event this year. Shiver Our Souls will be at Douglaswood Scout Centre on the weekend of November 6-8.
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No Rest for the Wicked


Yoda has been involved in LRP since 2004 when he started playing Lorien Trust. He's steadily grown more involved with the behind-the-scenes aspects of the hobby since. In 2008 when he started running his first live action games as part of the Camarilla UK (now Isles of Darkness), and since 2012 he has been running events as part of Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd including the No Rest for the Wicked LRP campaign.

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