The Footsteps of Giants

Humble pilgrims of the Emperor (and the rest of you),

It is my pleasure to inform you that our next event is entitled The Footsteps of Giants. Steve Clapton is our lead writer for the event, and the introductory premise of his event is now available at

If you missed the previous announcement, the event will be on the weekend of August 7-9 at Douglaswood Scout Centre, near Dundee.

As you may surmise from the Billetto link, bookings are also partially open. Crew from When Angels Fall have first grab at player tickets, and general player bookings will open on June 7th at 7pm. Until that point, crew catering tickets are available on the Billetto site for anyone who wants to crew.

Due to rising site costs, we’ve had to raise the price of our standard tickets for Douglaswood events to £70. Hardship tickets are also available at £55 for those who don’t have the means to afford the standard price tickets.

I have sent out an email to crew from the last event with instructions on how to purchase an advance ticket. If you crewed the last event and do not have this email, let me know and I will pass the instructions on.

Be seeing you,

No Rest for the Wicked


Yoda has been involved in LRP since 2004 when he started playing Lorien Trust. He's steadily grown more involved with the behind-the-scenes aspects of the hobby since. In 2008 when he started running his first live action games as part of the Camarilla UK (now Isles of Darkness), and since 2012 he has been running events as part of Conflict Resolution LARP Ltd including the No Rest for the Wicked LRP campaign.

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