Trade Goods

I’m currently working on the new trade system for No Rest for the Wicked, and it’s… interesting. We’ve already worked out what we want it to do, so I’m working on achieving those goals. One of the key things that’s coming up for me at the moment is trade goods.

We want 40-50 types of trade good that people can run around the sector trading between sub-sectors and places that need them. I currently have a list of 45 types of trade good[1]begged, borrowed, and outright stolen from other places including our old trade system which can be further diversified by applying the “archeotech” or “xenos” keywords without requiring the need for a separate trade good to be created. Sounds good, right?

The problem I’m running into is the problem we’ve run into ever since we started talking about our trade system at all – where do you stop abstracting? Currently my trade good list has “natural textiles”, “synthetic textiles”, and “leather” all of which could be considered under the heading of “textiles”. Do we need three different types of textiles? Does it add to the game by having them? These are the sorts of questions I have to ask myself, and they’re not all easy ones.

Once I’ve got my list down, I then need to consider costs for each, and then how much costs alter between the various sub-sectors. That part is probably the easy part – getting the right balance of abstraction is the hard part. This could be interesting.

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1. begged, borrowed, and outright stolen from other places including our old trade system

When Angels Fall

Last weekend I ran my first “solo” event for No Rest for the Wicked – When Angels Fall. Solo, because I did the writing, set-up, organisation, bookings, and everything else myself with support from a few wonderful individuals. It was also the first event run without the support of our lead storyteller, Rob Collins.

It was not the best event in the world, but neither was it the worst. There were a few places where things fell through the cracks, and we’ve noted those and next time it’ll be better, and we won’t have those problems (as much). We were a little ambitious in what we could achieve, and didn’t account for how much work was needed once we were on site, but we pulled things off and the event (as a whole) was a success, even if certain aspects were sorely lacking. For a political/social event, the political aspects could definitely have used some work.

We held the event in Featherstone Castle, a gorgeous (if cold and draughty) private estate in Northumberland, and while the internal layout was quite confusing to some and we didn’t get to use the outside areas as much as we’d have liked (due to high winds), we ran a lot of great scenes; possibly a few too many for a “low combat” event.

Hopefully we’ll soon have some pictures from the event (though not as many as I’d like) that we can share so that everyone can see some of the highlights of the event.

What I can say now is that there is little more satisfying than the lead storyteller of a system (who was there as a player) turning around and going “I didn’t expect those plots, I wouldn’t have run those plots, but they were excellent”.

I can also say that I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without the amazing efforts of my crew who went to staggering lengths to represent the stupendous costume and roleplay indicated in my NPC briefs. I am happy to recommend any of them to any LARP looking for seasoned crew. Having Skian Mhor providing props and catering didn’t hurt either.

Our next event will hopefully be in late June, with the third event this year in October.

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